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How Do You Choose a Conference Call Service?

There are a variety of technology options available for you to conduct conference calls, teleseminars and webinars. They can range from a simple two-way telephone call with participants on speaker phones at each end; through to calls with hundreds of participants in different locations, with visuals as well. Yours will probably fall somewhere in between. When evaluating conference call services, it's difficult to simply choose one and define it as "best", because the services vary depending on your requirements. Here are some factors to consider: Hosting cost: How much do you pay for the call service itself? And is this a single up-front fee, a fixed monthly subscription, or a per-use fee?Call costs: How much do participants themselves pay to be on the call?Connection type: How do participants connect to the call? Is it over the Internet or via a regular phone line? If the latter, are they doing it using a land line, a mobile/cell phone, using a free 1-800 number or a to…

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