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Don't Write it Down

Playing devil's advocate, it is easy to find reasons for not writing it down, 'It' being any form of plan or prediction. Plans are useless. Events never unfold according to the plan so all the work that goes into it is wasted. If you write down what you plan to do, those who oppose you can use it against you. It is better to keep it all in your head and only tell people what they need to know. If you put your best thoughts on paper, someone, somewhere in the process could use your ideas for their own ends or sell your plans to competitors. The fewer people know the plan, the less likely it will become known to competitors. When things go wrong, people look for someone to blame. It is human nature. If you write down what is supposed to happen and things go badly, you get the blame.
After all, it's what a person can do as an individual that makes him or her valuable to an organisation. If you write it down, anyone can do it. It takes too long to write everything down and…

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